Project boilerplate using the Middleman static site generator.
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ODC Middleman Boilerplate

A project boilerplate using the Middleman static site generator.

Getting Started

Initiating a new project...

  1. Install Middleman with gem install middleman

  2. Clone this repository into ~/.middleman/odc-boilerplate-middleman (you'll have to create this directory if it's not already there).

  3. Then you'll be able to use Middleman init with the project template like so: middleman init my-new-project --template=odc-boilerplate-middleman

Middleman Server

To test your site, run middleman server, and point your web browser to http://localhost:4567

Middleman will process changes to Sass and CoffeeScript files, and if you're lucky it will even refresh your browser when it detects file changes/deletions.

Building your project

When you're ready to turn your project into a static site, run middleman build

This will compile all templates and copy them, along with compiled Sass and CoffeeScript files, over to a build directory.

Using Bourbon...

Bourbon is included for CSS vendor prefixing and helpers.

Adding Scripts…

Middleman uses Sprockets for importing CoffeeScript/Javascript files. The default for this project uses #= require_directory . which will import all files immediately within the /script directory (but not files within vendor or additional create folders.)

Include new scripts by adding to the top of /scripts/ like so:

#= require vendor/additional-lib includes a file called additional-lib.js located in /scripts/vendor/


The app can be deployed most easily using Middleman buildpack from Indirect, which automatically builds your middleman site directly on heroku at each deploy. From your app directory:

# When creating a new app...
heroku create myapp --buildpack

# Or to an existing app...
heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=

# And then deploy the app as usual...
git push heroku master