Stack and deque datatypes for R - fast and functional
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Persistent stacks, deques, and queues for R

A full description can be found in the R journal pub:


Have you ever wanted to use a stack or a queue for R, but just pulled your hair out trying to use lists or vectors instead? Enter rstackdeque.

The most important feature of the stacks and queues (and double-ended-queues, or "deques") in this package are not only are they reasonably fast (amortized or worst-case O(1) depending on which you're using), inserting and removal are implemented as "side-effect-free" functions operating similar to other R structures.

This is largely possible due to the fantastic work of Chris Okasaki: see Purely Functional Data Structures and Simple and Efficient Purely Functional Queues and Deques.

For example:

> s <- rstack()
> s <- insert_top(s, "A")
> s <- insert_top(s, "B")
> s <- insert_top(s, "C")
> s2 <- without_top(s)
> print(s)
An rstack with  3  elements. 
 : chr "C"
 : chr "B"
 : chr "A"
> print(s2)
An rstack with  2  elements. 
 : chr "B"
 : chr "A"


You can install this package via CRAN:

> install.packages("rstackdeque") 

Then load it up and check the help and examples:

> require(rstackdeque)
> help(package = "rstackdeque")
> help(rstack)
> help(rdeque)
> help(rpqueue)

Vignette coming soon.