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OneLogin OpenId Connect Resource Owner Password Grant

This sample app demonstrates how to authenticate users using the Resource Owner Password Grant.

With this example a singe OAuth2.0 style request is made to authenticate the user.

  • This flow does not support MFA. If MFA is required for the user the authentication will fail with a message indicating the MFA requirement.
  • Under this flow a single sign-on session is not created for the user so they will not be able to SSO into other apps.

API Reference

This sample makes use of the following apis:

Create session via User/Password

This is where the user authentication takes place. On success you will get an access_token which can be used to fetch info about the user.

let options = {
  method: 'POST',
  uri: `https://openid-connect.onelogin.com/oidc/token`,
  form: {
    client_id: process.env.OIDC_CLIENT_ID,
    client_secret: process.env.OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET,
    grant_type: 'password',
    username: req.body.username,
    password: req.body.password,
    scope: 'openid profile email',
    response_type: 'id_token'

request(options, function(error, response, body){


    let token = JSON.parse(body)

    req.session.accessToken = token.access_token;


Get user info

With a valid access_token you can get profile information for the user. The information return is based on the scope that was granted in the authentication step.

let options = {
  method: 'GET',
  auth: {
    bearer: req.session.accessToken
  uri: `https://openid-connect.onelogin.com/oidc/me`

request(options, function(error, response, body){

  let user = JSON.parse(body);

  res.render('profile', {
    user: user


In order to run this sample you need to setup an OpenId Connect app in your OneLogin Admin portal.

If you don't have a OneLogin developer account you can sign up here.

Clone this repo and then update /javascripts/main.js with the client_id you obtained from OneLogin and the subdomain of your OneLogin account.


This sample is based on a default expressjs app.

From the command line run

> npm install
> npm start

Browse to http://localhost:3000