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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ <h2 id="project_tagline">YRDropdownView is a view library for displaying stylish
<section id="main_content" class="inner">
-<p><img src="" alt="Sample" title="Sample"></p>
+<p><img src="" alt="Sample" title="Sample"></p>
<p>YRDropdownView is a view library for displaying stylish alerts, warnings, and errors. Based on Tweetbot's implementation, <a href="">MKInfoPanel</a> by Mugunth Kumar, <a href="">MBProgressHUD</a> by Matej Bukovinski and <a href="">DSActivityView</a> by David Sinclair, among other influences. Its API has been hashed out to make the code easily implemented and very versatile.</p>

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