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Updated Linux OS Page, Removed Nitrous

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<h1>Option #1: Using the Linux OS?</h1>
<h1>Using the Linux OS?</h1>

<p>Follow the setup instructions at <a href="" target="_blank">RailsGirls</a> and then choose "Next Step" below. If you run into trouble you may want to consult <a href="" target="_blank">RailsApps guide</a> which goes much deeper into the Linux installation process.
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<h1>Option #2:</h1>
<p> allows you to code directly in your browser without installing any software.</p>

<li>Sign up: <a href="" target="_blank"> [main site]</a></li>
<li>A guide to help you along the way: <a href="" target="_blank">How to Create A Ruby on Rails App Development Environment on</a></li>

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<div class="col-sm-12 note">
Note: We recommend students of <a href="//" target="_blank">One Month Rails</a> use either Mac, Windows or Linux.

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