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Roadmap // ONE NATION

Actual version of One Nation : v1.1

Version 1 - Initiate

  • Emancipated people find each other and get in touch in real life
  • Observe & learn how stigmergy works in Telegram groups
  • Create self-made physical IDs and try using it in real life
  • Translate The Manifesto to main languages
  • Set up the digital emancipation strategy :
    • One Crystal: a decentralized network & Web of Trust
    • Multipass: the decentralized registry of One Nation Passports & IDs
    • Read more here
  • Write specifications for One Crystal
  • Find the dev team to make the crystal happen
  • Write script for a planetary viral video
  • Observe growth of Telegram groups
  • Design a basic ID card with basic ID registry for One Nation beings
  • Translate the Manifesto & website to more languages
  • Develop One Crystal
  • Produce the viral video

Version 2 - Refine

  • Organize the first(s) One Nation Festival(s)
  • Observe self-creation of the firsts One Nation Oasis
  • Design & create "Wouino" the "official" spokesperson (community driven chatbot)
  • Adjust the roadmap

Version 3 - Transform

  • Design (or adopt) an alternative digital currency based on time
  • Design (or adopt) an open Universal Income solution
  • Oasis flourish everywhere on Earth!
  • Imagine, design, develop and release open source solutions to enhance the resilience of the One Nation Oasis Network

Version 4 - Rippen

  • More emancipated beings
  • More Oases
  • More joy, beauty, trust, common sense, respect and creativity one Earth!

Final Version - Dissolve

Ultimately, when harmony and trust are the norms, when humanity finally understands that we are all ONE and unique, then we will no longer need One Nation...