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Kickstart is a website starter kit, living style guide creator, and task runner that helps you kickstart a website build and create a living style guide that grows with your site.


  • Command Line Interface
  • Scaffold new projects or work with existing projects
  • Easy templating with Handlebars
  • Sass compilation, optimization and minification
  • JavaScript bundling with Browserify, minification
  • JavaScript and CSS linting
  • Image optimization
  • SVG spriting and optimization
  • Static file serving and device synchronization with BrowserSync


Clone repository

To use Kickstart, clone the Kickstart repository to a local folder on your machine.

cd some/project/folder
git clone

Install dependencies

After the clone operation, navigate to the newly-create repository directory and install kickstart.

cd /some/project/folder/kickstart
npm install

New Projects

If you are creating a brand new project, once you've cloned the kickstart repository, all you need to do is run npm start from the command line to begin a new project. This will install all required dependencies, then spin up a local web server that watches your files for changes.

npm start


If you are not interested in running a development web server, you can simply build the projects files without starting web server.

npm build

Production Builds

If you want to build a minified and optimized version of your project, you can do that by passing in the --production flag when you build.

npm build --production