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OneOps Web Site

This is the source code of the OneOps website available at

Please feel free to make PRs to improve the site. Read our contribution and documentation guidelines for more information.


To view and edit the website you can use standard Jekyll

jekyll serve

This local build allows you to see the rendered site and access it at http://localhost:4000.

Blog posts

Blog posts are written in the _drafts folder and dated correctly for the planned publishing date. Then when publishing should happen, the file is moved to _posts.

During review and development of the blog post you have to start jekyll with drafts and future enabled so you can see them as rendered.

jekyll serve --future --drafts


The search feature on the site uses the file It is generated from all content via some Liquid code in the source searchmap-es.json. This file has no newline characters in it to make it suitable for bullk-loading into Elasticsearch via the REST API on the server.

Helper scripts used on the server can be found in the scripts\elasticsearch directory. The script is currently run manually whenever desired. We might run it daily via CRON in the future. For server and access detail, contact the contributor team.