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Circuit Overview

A circuit is a chef ruby-dsl based model of some application or service. It contains the model of what resources / components are required, optional and how they relate to each other. Two common relations are depends_on and managed_via. An architect would usually design a pack to capture best practices for the different availablity modes / operational modes.

An example would be a tomcat circuit. In the circuit file it would contain a compute, java, tomcat, and artifacts and/or build components and describe the dependencies and where they run (managed_via relation).

A prior name of a circuit was a pack. Whenever you see the term pack in oneops, its the same thing as a circuit.

Circuit repo

The basic circuit repo is:

It contains 3 primary directories for the models:

  1. /components - which can be implmented in chef cookbooks, puppet modules, and soon ansible playbooks. Each component has a doc dir which has the image the ui will use for the component.
  2. /clouds - default / templates for clouds and cloud services.
  3. /packs - the directory with all the packs/circuits

Load content

There is a circuit command which is part of the oneops-admin gem. This circuit command is used to load content / the model.

Download and install the latest gem from the build server or build yourself from

advanced option to use object store backed images and docs, is to modify the circuit repos .chef/knife.rb with some object store config. Example lines to add to circuit-oneops-1/.chef/knife.rb:

object_store_provider 'OpenStack'
object_store_user 'oneops'
object_store_pass 'redacted'
environment_name 'int-1503'

Then to perform the content upload, aka model sync:

cd /opt/oneops
circuit create
cd circuit
# this will load the base model / classes and relationships.
circuit init
cd /opt/oneops/circuit-oneops-1
# this runs knife model sync, knife pack sync and knife cloud sync
circuit install