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Nginx-LE provides a docker container and tools to create an Nginx web server that automatically acquires and renews HTTPS certificates.

Nginx-LE uses the Lets Encrypt cli tool, Certbot, to acquire and renew certificates.

Nginx-LE ships as a Docker image which you can use with Docker or Docker Compose.

You can also use Nginx-LE cli tooling which allows you to configure and build Nginx-LE containers in a couple of seconds.

Nginx-LE is suitable for production systems, internal infrastructure and even when a developer needs a web server on their local machine.

This documentation tends to use the terms LetsEncrypt and Certbot somewhat interchangeably.

Nginx-LE supports both public facing web servers and private (internal) web servers such as those used by individual developers.

The key advantages of Nginx-LE are:

automatic certificate acquisition and renewal no down time when renewing certificates for Public facing servers, works with any DNS server support for wildcard certificates makes it easy for a developer to acquire a live certificate.

Check out the readme for an introduction to Nginx-LE.