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This repository contains firmware for the OneRNG entropy generator

To build this you will need a copy of the same version of the open source SDCC compiler that we use to build the system - you can find one here

You can find more documentation about setting up a build sustem and programming devices here:

The code contained in this directory is a fork of the MoonbaseOtago CheapRF code - it has had the RF and SUOTA bits removed for obvious security reasons, you can look at and download the original code in its repository here:

Documentation about the minimal OS and how to use it is here:

The one main difference is that the thread schedular instead of low power idling the CPU it runs the entropy gathering idle_pool() routine


Makefile - type 'make' to build - change SDCC_INSTALL_DIR to point to where your compiler is installed usb.c - cc2531 USB stack cdc.c - USB decsriptors - handler stubs for CDC messages cdc_app.c - main entropy gathering code (the interesting stuff is here) kernel/* - task scheuler/kernel support include/* - kernel incloude files

The build system works like this:

  1. build a lodable app cdc_app.ihx (intel hex format - you can just use this if you are rolling your own)
  2. concatenate the memory image of the code with known random_data, truncate the result to the ROM size less room for a signing
  3. sign the resulting image with our private key (not provided)
  4. pad the remaining code with FFs so that the chip is not code locked (open source and binaries right?)


This repository contains firmware for the OneRNG entropy generator




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