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Auto-screenshot SDK from OneSky
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OneSky Auto Screenshot Library for iOS

This library automatically uploads screenshots of your app that contains localizable strings to your OneSky project.

NOTE: This library is not designed for distribution on App Store, remember to remove before submission.

Demo video:

Supported OneSky Project File Format

At the moment the auto screenshot library does not support OneSky iOS project with .xliff files. We recommend managing iOS project resources using our Xcode IDE plugin which supports .strings, .stringsdict, .plist and .json files.


  1. Locate OneSkyScreenshotHelper.framework in the example project and drag the folder into the Frameworks section of your Project Navigator.
  2. Make sure CoreGrahpics.framework is also added to your app's target.
  3. Under Build Settings of the target, add -ObjC to Other Linker Flags setting.


Import the library header

#import <OneSkyScreenshotHelper/OneSkyScreenshotHelper.h>

Add the following code in under -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: in your app delegate:

[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] setProjectId:ONESKY_PROJECT_ID];
[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] setApiKey:ONESKY_API_KEY];
[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] setApiSecret:ONESKY_API_SECRET];
[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] startSession];

ONESKY_API_KEY, ONESKY_API_SECRET can be found in Site Settings under API Keys & Usage on OneSky Web Admin. ONESKY_PROJECT_ID can be found under All Projects page.

NOTE: The above parameters must be set before calling -startSession.

Advance Settings

Turn off capture status ui.

[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] setShowsCatpureStatus:NO];

Ignore specific strings files e.g. strings resources from 3rd-party libraries.

[[OneSkyScreenshotHelper sharedHelper] setIgnoredStringsFiles:@[@"InfoPlist.strings"]];

Helpful articles

How to find API key


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