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another one for tags #3

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Was trying to download and that seems to require including the tags now as well, see


Can I check on this one,
the error occurs if and only if you've specified a custom tag?

I'd assume that not specifying a tag would be equivalent to saying "all tags"


As I said, if you don't specify a tag, it's "Default". I don't know whether the same tag is used when downloading. It's not "all tags" unfortunately (as I assumed as well).

Anyway, when importing a .po file or so will tag the strings with the filename...


@mreinsch ok, sorry I misunderstood your link.
I thought it said "its a 400 because you didnt specify a tag".
But the i18n gem is already using this api call without this problem.

I think the patch is good.
I think I'll hold off on a release for a few days though
see if you find anything else

thanks for your time.

@matthewrudy matthewrudy merged commit 3636e68 into onesky:master
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Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 lib/one_sky/translation.rb
12 lib/one_sky/translation.rb
@@ -67,13 +67,13 @@ def upload_po(file)
# Download strings and translations as string file. In RUBY_YAML format.
- def download_yaml(locale)
- download_file(locale, YAML_FORMAT)
+ def download_yaml(locale, options={})
+ download_file(options.merge(:locale => locale, :format => YAML_FORMAT))
# Download strings and translations as string file. In GNU_PO format.
- def download_po(locale)
- download_file(locale, PO_FORMAT)
+ def download_po(locale, options ={})
+ download_file(options.merge(:locale => locale, :format => PO_FORMAT))
@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@ def upload_file(file, format)
# Download strings and translations as string file.
- def download_file(locale, format)
- get("string/download", :locale => locale, :format => format)
+ def download_file(options)
+ get("string/download", options)
def get(path, params={})
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