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OneSky Over-The-Air Plugin for iOS

Over-the-air translation update for your iOS apps with OneSky.

Note: This plugin only supports .strings files.


Download OneSkyOTAPlugin.framework

  1. from the release tab and drag the folder into the Frameworks section of your Project Navigator.
  2. Under Build Settings of the target, add -ObjC to Other Linker Flags setting.


pod 'OneSkyOTAPlugin', '~> 0.9.13'


Import the library header

#import <OneSkyOTAPlugin/OneSkyOTAPlugin.h>

Add the following code in under -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: in your app delegate:

[OneSkyOTAPlugin provideAPIKey:ONESKY_API_KEY
[OneSkyOTAPlugin checkForUpdate];

Optionally add [OneSkyOTAPlugin checkForUpdate] in - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication*)application

ONESKY_API_KEY, ONESKY_API_SECRET can be found in Site Settings under API Keys & Usage on OneSky Web Admin. ONESKY_PROJECT_ID can be found under All Projects page.

NOTE: The above parameters must be set before calling -checkForUpdate.


For security reason you might not want to embed the API secret in the source code of your application, in this case you can skip the API secret by setting the string output API privacy to public, go to "Project settings > Privacy > String out API" on OneSky platform for more detail.

[OneSkyOTAPlugin provideAPIKey:ONESKY_API_KEY


Simply replace NSLocalizedString with OSLocalizedString, the plugin will fallback to local .strings files if no translation of the string is found on OneSky.

OSLocalizedString(key, comment)
OSLocalizedStringFromTable(key, tbl, comment)
OSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue(key, tbl, val, comment)

Swift 3

You can public functions to wrap the code in Swift

public func OSLocalizedString(_ key: String, comment: String) -> String {
    return OneSkyOTAPlugin.localizedString(forKey: key, value: "", table: nil)

public func OSLocalizedStringFromTable(_ key: String, table: String, comment: String) -> String {
    return OneSkyOTAPlugin.localizedString(forKey: key, value: "", table: table)


The default language the plugin uses is -[[NSLocale preferredLanguages] firstObject]. If your app implements custom language logic, you set the language with the new API:

[OneSkyOTAPlugin setLanguage:@"pt-PT"];

Interface Builder Support

The plugin also supports OTA translation for Interface Builder files (.xib and .storyboard), translations will be set at -[UIView awakeFromNib] automatically. To enable Interface Builder support, add a Run Script Build Phase to your app target in Project Editor, copy and paste the following script into the script area:






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