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bretdabaker committed May 26, 2018
1 parent fa76bb1 commit 523f4a634b69584e23c283061475de6e79332a39
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ DerivedData
# CocoaPods
# We recommend against adding the Pods directory to your .gitignore. However
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ do |s| = "OneSkyOTAPlugin"
s.version = "0.9.13"
s.version = "0.10.1"
s.summary = "OneSkyOTAPlugin enables over-the-air translation update for your iOS Apps"
s.homepage = ""
s.license = { :type => "Commercial", :text => "Copyright © 2015 OneSky Inc. All rights reserved." }
@@ -17,6 +17,23 @@
#define OSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue(key, tbl, val, comment) \
[OneSkyOTAPlugin localizedStringForKey:(key) value:val table:(tbl)]
#define OSLocalizedStringFromTableWithFallbackToBundle(key, tbl, bundle, comment) \
[OneSkyOTAPlugin localizedStringForKey:(key) value:@"" table:(tbl) fallbackBundle:(bundle)]
typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, OneSkyLogLevel){
// no logs
OneSkyLogLevelOff = 0,
// error logs only
OneSkyLogLevelError = 2,
// error and network logs
OneSkyLogLevelDebug = 4,
// debug and other info, e.g. string look up
OneSkyLogLevelInfo = 8
This notification is sent when new translation data is available and
downloaded, observe this notification and update IB accordingly.
@@ -61,6 +78,22 @@ extern NSString *const OneSkyOTAPluginTranslationsDidUpdateNotification;
+ (NSString *)localizedStringForKey:(NSString *)key value:(NSString *)value table:(NSString *)tableName;
Method for retrieving localized strings.
@param key The key for a string in the table identified by tableName.
@param value The value to return if key is nil or if a localized string for key can’t be found in the table.
@param table tableName - The receiver’s string table to search. If tableName is nil or is an empty string, the method attempts to use the table in Localizable.strings.
@prarm bundle bundle - The bundle to fallback to when the translation is not found in OneSky strings
@discussion in order for our plugin to identify your custom bundles,
+ (NSString *)localizedStringForKey:(NSString *)key value:(NSString *)value table:(NSString *)tableName fallbackBundle:(NSBundle *)bundle;
Method to request update of translations immediately
@@ -76,20 +109,26 @@ extern NSString *const OneSkyOTAPluginTranslationsDidUpdateNotification;
Set whether to show debug logs in console, default is YES
Set log level, default is OneSkyLogLevelDebug
+ (void)setDebug:(BOOL)debug;
+ (void)setLogLevel:(OneSkyLogLevel)level;
Set the language to use for -localizedStringForKey:value:table: calls, default is [[NSLocale preferredLanguages] firstObject]
+ (void)setLanguage:(NSString *)language;
Register fallback bundles, must be called before using OSLocalizedStringFromTableWithFallbackToBundle
+ (void)registerFallbackBundles:(NSArray *)bundles;
Get the current language used for -localizedStringForKey:value:table: calls
+ (NSString *)language:(NSString *)language;
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