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  1. 113 downloads

    payload examples.html — Example of payload and changes needed in order to comply with the latest version of the Atom and Activity Streams specs

    13KB · Uploaded

  2. 50 downloads

    osw-openfire-plugin 0.7.1-preview.tar.gz — 0.7.1 preview.

    7.3MB · Uploaded

  3. 825 downloads

    osw-openfire-plugin 0.7-preview.tar.gz — Preview of version 0.7. Not yet released. Work in progress.

    8.0MB · Uploaded

  4. 1,143 downloads

    osw-openfire-plugin-0.6.1.tgz — Release 0.6.1. Onesocialweb plugin for Openfire XMPP Server.

    2.5MB · Uploaded

  5. 970 downloads

    osw-openfire-plugin-0.6.0.tgz — Onesocialweb plugin for Openfire XMPP Server

    2.4MB · Uploaded

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