Feature Discussions

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This page is to give an overview of different feature discussions. Therefor it works as a store after the discussion in groups happened and while architecture happens.

Please use

  • italic for words defined for specific use in OSW. Those words should be defined in the OSW Glossary. Use
  • bold for highlighting core aspects of a need, description or a requirement


Roadmaped features are not part of this page.

In the following topics where we not yet opened a page

Data Load types

  • Status (done)
  • chat message (done with status)
  • picture (done)
  • contact (defined: vCard4)
  • music
  • video
  • widget (as wave gadget)
  • link (bookmark)
  • music-playlist / photo-albums
  • documents
  • Iconized attachments (as in email)
  • friend of a friend list

Social Gestures

  • Comment (at work)
  • Location
  • Like
  • Poke
  • Rating / Stars


Original editor is Olaf Zanger. Pls feel free to add your contribution.

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