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Below is a glimpse in our roadmap moving forward. This is a living document, we’ll keep on updating as we move forward, and we are enthusiastic in receiving feedback on this !

0.6.1 (released end September 2010)

  • Maintenance release with a few bug fixes and performance improvements across all projects.

0.7 (in Progress)

  • delete and update of content (cross domain, realtime)
  • more object types (links, videos, embeds, …)
  • cross-referencing of activities, thus enabling commenting, liking, sharing, etc…
  • result set management (paginate through past activities, messages, contacts,…)
  • and probably a lot of other little tweaks (uploading an avatar maybe :-0 )


  • filter and selective subscriptions (yup, filter and subscribe on a per activity verb & object type)
  • relationships (creating, inviting, and confirming relationships with other users)
  • REST API for third party applications (and devs who won’t want to learn XMPP :-)


  • public firehose via pubsub
  • search and discovery across networks


  • feature freeze and iterations to make the baby ready for 1.0 :-)
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