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get books in Douban wish list from school library
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== GetBooks

This script is used to find the books which you wish to read (in your
douban wish-to-read list) in the database of the library of TJU

I wrote it for saving my time in searching those books by hand.


== Requirements

Before running, make sure the BeautifulSoup module has been installed.
If not, use the following command to intall.

In Ubuntu:

>>> sudo apt-get install python-beautilfulsoup

In Fedora:

>>> su

>>> yum install python-beautifulsoup

== How to Use

1. Run the script in shell:

>>> python

2. Insert your unique id of douban:

If your homepage's url is '',  just type


3. Then the program will generate a html file in the directory, open
it with your browser:

>>> firefox result.html

NOTE: the page's code fomat is UTF-8
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