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###Hello, World!

The canonical "Hello, World!" example application that demonstrates the basic usage of REX to deliver R analytics capabilities within any Spark solution.


Check out the example source code provided and you'll see that REX integrates seamlessly within any traditional Spark application. The source code also provides extensive comments that help guide you through the integration.


Run the following Gradle command within the hello-world directory to build a fatJar for the example application that can then be deployed directly to your Spark cluster.

gradlew clean shadowJar

The generated fatJar can be found in the build/libs directory.


The simplest way to launch the example application is to use the spark-submit shell script provided as part of the Spark distribution.

The submit command you need should look something like this:

spark-submit --class io.onetapbeyond.renjin.spark.executor.examples.HelloWorld --master local[*] /path/to/fat/jar/hello-world-[version]-all.jar