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PHP Code Samples for O*NET Web Services

keyword_search.php is a command-line program which demonstrates the occupation keyword search.

OnetWebService.php is a utility class you may use in your own applications.

Running the example

Clone the sample code repository:

git clone

Change to the PHP directory:

cd web-services-samples/php

Run the keyword search example:

php keyword_search.php

Follow the prompts to enter your O*NET Web Services credentials, and your search terms.


This sample code is licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see the LICENSE file for details).

Note: O*NET Web Services account holders must follow the Terms of Service and Data License when calling the Services.


For problems or suggestions related specifically to this sample code, please use Issues. For all other questions about O*NET Web Services, including problems with your account, contact O*NET Customer Service.

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