PHP parent class incorrectly using child constant in class property
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PHP Bug: Parent class incorrectly using child constant in class property

See PHP bug #63976:

Since PHP doesn't support Child class properties referencing static values like static::CONST, the meaning of self::CONST is ambiguous. One of two things should happen:

  1. It should use the value defined in the actual class in question (like self:: is used throughout the rest of PHP).
  2. It should treat self:: in this case, since it's compile-time and not late static binding, like static:: and walk the inheritance tree, delivering the result for the Child class.

Option #1 seems the most sane, but PHP often behaves like it intends #2 to work. But not always...

In the provided examples, brokenA.php behaves like #1, above, while brokenB.php and brokenC.php behave like #2. The only thing that's changed is the order in which the classes are require()'d.

In a complex script, with autoloaders, class instantiation order isn't predictable, of course, resulting in unpredictable results.