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One tsp. Help (FAQs)

These are the help documents from One tsp., which might just be the best recipe organizer in the universe. I've made these docs available as a public repo so that you (yes, you!) can make additions and corrections to our frequently asked questions.

This is a bit of an experiment. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • You should know your way around basic HTML and git before getting started.
  • Fork/clone this repo and edit the included HTML files. You should preview your changes in a web browser directly from your local file system. There's no need to setup a web server.
  • Use relative URLs to link between HTML files and for image references.
  • Avoid using CSS. I'll make sure the layout works when I merge with onetsp.com.
  • Submit a pull request to have your changes included in the site.
  • Keep it simple! :)

Hopefully obvious, but I reserve the right to reject or modify any changes before including them on the site. Your contributions to One tsp. through this repo are strictly voluntary; you will not be paid.

Contact me with any questions! support@onetsp.com