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Eric Johnson's Portfolio Site, NOW IN REACT!


I wanted to do a project in React and I ran across Gatsby, Facebook's React-based static site generator. Gatsby looked like a slick project with a lot of traction, and it seemed like a good fit to convert my portfolio from a PHP architecture to a React architecture.

The conversion to Gatsby/React went relatively smoothly and helped me modularlize my code further. I did run into a couple hiccups when trying to use Sass files which imported other Sass files containing relatively pathed images . I found a solution using a Webpack loader called resolve-url-loader, and I created an issue with the gatsby-plugin-sass plugin.

Local Setup

You can clone this repo and run

  • npm install
  • npm install -g gatsby cli
  • gatsby develop (starts local server)

You may have to update your node/npm to a recent version. Here is a link to Gatsby's docs for further reading/help.

CSS Structure

I used Sass for my CSS pre-processor. I plan to integrate CSS variables in the future, but for now haven't used them.

I decided to try a form of BEM style naming for my CSS classes where I don't extend base classes, but I create mixins. The final CSS is much cleaner and readable using mixins.

For example I created site-wide mixins like

@mixin site__banner
  //...banner css...
  @include site__banner()

If you want to just use the default site__banner styles you can use the site__banner class, but if you need to tweak the banner CSS on a particular page, you can do

  @include site__banner()
  //...custom css...

I like this approach because it gives you an easily searchable and authoritative source for all the CSS for a particular element. It also avoids a lot of abbreviated modifier CSS classes like site__banner f-large no-bg red. And you can easily override CSS if you need to just by putting it after your includes.

However, I haven't run this method by anyone else, so it could have some fatal flaws that I'm not seeing yet.


(more details forthcoming...)


(more details forthcoming...)


Jest and GhostInspector (more details forthcoming...)


  • Upgrade to Gatsby 2
  • Convert CSS to Styled Components
  • Responsive images
  • Remove duplicate generated CSS
  • Convert pixels to REMs
  • Accessibility testing/optimization
  • Implement smoother font loading
  • Add variable fonts
  • Improve copy with pull quotes, icons, and other flourishes
  • Add Cypress tests
  • Remove jQuery


My portfolio website ported to Gatsby/React from plain PHP.






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