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idibu integration APIs

idibu provides you with means of using our funtionality precisely how you would like it to run with your software! One can choose from a variety of integration options. Those can either quickly introduce multiposting for you clients (our current record holder took 2 days to roll-out a working integration!) or you can rebuild almost the whole of idibu inside your product.

Not only that, we also give you options to whitelabel our website and fit it into yours - so you can have your own private idibu almost instantly.

Before you choose the prefered integration type, make sure to read this article.

The documentation is divided in the following options:

  1. idibu posting API - where you can learn all about posting jobs with our API.
  2. idibu webservices - where you can read how to get the information about your applicants, jobs, users, posting quotas - and many more.
  3. UPP - Universal Partner Page - a "plug and play" multiposting integration.
  4. idibu whitelabel - using idibu as a whitelabel platform.

Please note that these applets are designed for the classic idibu platform (often refered as "idibu V2"). The newer version of our product (also known as "idibu V3") is compatible with classic API to some extent, but it uses a separate API - documentation for which can be found here.


Documentation and support for the idibu API



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