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What is UPP?

UPP stands for Universal Posting Page. Essentially it's all ready PHP page with idibu multiposting functionality giving you all the options you need to use with your system. All needed to be done here is to style up the page, so it looks like it was developed by you, but you can have posting working in your system within minutes! We try to make it as easy and as functional as possible by including our quota and force posting functionalities in the provided posting page.

Once the field in UPP page will be filled, the user will be asked to complete the posting by providing fields specific to chosen boards using post completion page.

How to use it?

Simply make a call to a link below with required parameters. To make it super smooth you will need to map a few idibu parameters with your own variables.

Posting URL

All parameters can be provided in either a traditional HTTP GET or POST fashion and must be URL encoded. POST is recommended to get past any character count limits typical for GET method. For example, in order to provide the hash, sender ID and job title into the our system, you should use the following URL:

In theory with the link above you could have an almost instant integration with little dev work required. Once that is live you'd just need to work on styling and parameter mapping and you have a fully functioning multiposting system on your ATS!


Here is how this can look/could look when styling is applied:

Just contact us to become a partner and we'll help you getting this done. To find out more about styling those pages, please find some instructions here.

Available parameters

Here’s the list of available parameters, their description and usage examples - - * denotes a parameter that is required.

Account parameters:

  • method - please specify as "post" if you are proving parameters using POST method. Otherwise GET will be accepted. When using the POST method, please be sure to use this parameter in the link you call with POST parameters (
  • hash* - idibu account hash
  • partnerId - idibu partner ID, used for applying custom CSS and options on posting. Please contact us to obtain one.
  • Sender parameters:
  • senderId* – idibu user ID (can input sender's first name, last name and e-mail instead)

OR (if senderId not provided)

  • firstName* - sender's first name
  • lastName* - sender's last name
  • email* - sender's e-mail address
  • phone* - sender's phone number
  • www* - sender's company www address
  • country* - sender's country
  • postcode* - sender's post code
  • company* - sender's company name

Job parameters:

  • boards - list of board ID's to publish to, separated by semicolons (e.g. 37;151;123)
  • jobTitle - job title (e.g. A%20test%20title)
  • jobRef - job reference (e.g. REF123)
  • startDate – job start date in yyyy-mm-dd format with leading zeroes (e.g. 2013-06-25)
  • category - ID of selected category (available options listed below, e.g. 13)
  • location - ID of selected location (available options listed below, e.g. GB)
  • sublocation – sublocation’s name (e.g. London)
  • sublocationId – sublocation’s ID (e.g. 1024195)
  • mapPostCode – rather then provide an ID or text value of the location, you can provide a post code as a location source. idibu will use google location API to figure out the indented location based on it. By default we will try to map to UK post code, but if you will provide location variable (country code as above), we'll look for a location within the provided post code in the specified country.
  • hours - job time ID (available options listed below, e.g. 1)
  • term - employment term ID (available options listed below, e.g. 1)
  • duration - contract duration (only if employment term is set to "Contract" (ID: 1), e.g. Two%20months)
  • currency - salary currency ID (available options listed below, e.g. GBP)
  • minSalary - minimum salary (e.g. 2000)
  • maxSalary – maximum salary (e.g. 3000)
  • per - salary payment interval (e.g. month)
  • extraBenefits – extra benefits (e.g. premium%20health%20care)
  • salaryDescription – optional salary text override (e.g. 2000%20pounds%20or%20more)
  • appUrl – optional URL to use if one wants to apply for the job
  • jobDesc – job description (e.g. Here%20is%20a%20test%20description)


Config paramters:

  • hideTitle - Set to true to hide job title field
  • hideRef - Set to true to hide job reference field
  • hideStartDate - Set to true to hide job start date field
  • hideAppUrl - Set to true to hide job application URL field
  • findUser - Set to true if you want to get a user ID by his e-mail from idibu
  • findJob - Set to false if you don't want to fetch job field values from old jobs based on reference
  • enablePreview - Setting this to true triggers preview option on the step 2 of the posting process. Please use only with non-default styling.
  • useOriginalSender - Comes together with findjob parameter. Tells the UPP to reuse the original sender of the ad.
  • overrideRepost - Set to true if parameters from URL have higher priority than repost data (if findJob is set to true)
  • allowNewUsers - set to true if you like UPP to create a new idibu user if an unknown email appears in the email field. Set true as default.

Providing board specific field values

The posting process is split into two steps. On step 1 you provide basic job fields, While on step 2 you provide board specific values. Those are unique, job portal specific fields, that can not be mapped by data from step1. However you can provide values for those fields if you need to do so via the UPP. To do that, you need to call the page with an additional "extrafields" parameter. It's content needs to be different for different boards and fields. You can find more info on how to obtain fields name, type and value and board data here.

So, for text and single select fields please use the following format:

  • extrafields=(numeric board id)|(field name)|(field value)
for multiselect fields:
  • extrafields=(numeric board id)|(field name)|(field value 1),(field value 2),
please mind that in this format value is always closed with a comma, even if you have provided a single value.

for double select fields:

  • extrafields=(numeric board id)|(field name),(parent value)|(child value 1)
for double multiselect fields:
  • extrafields=(numeric board id)|(field name),(parent value)|(child value 1),(child value 2),
also in this format a comma after each, even single, child value is required.

You can provide values for multiple boards and fields. Each field has to be sameparated with non-url encoded semicolon, for example:

  • extrafields=118%7CLoctest%7C08;118%7Cparam%7Cedit;118%7Creqmultisel%7C1,2,;118%7Creqdmutli,1%7C1,2,;

  • which translates to:

  • extrafields=118|Loctest|08;118|param|edit;118|reqmultisel|1,2,;118|reqdmutli,1|1,2,;

Click here to see a working example of posting to idibu developer board and monster test with extra fields preselected.

Field values

2 - Accountancy (Qualified)
3 - Admin & Secretarial
2778 - Advertising & PR
2776 - Aerospace
2780 - Agriculture Fishing & Forestry
2782 - Arts
4 - Automotive
5 - Banking
7 - Building & Construction
8 - Call Centre & Customer Service
6 - Charity & Voluntary
2784 - Consultancy
2786 - Defence & Military
2788 - Design & Creative
9 - Education & Training
2790 - Electronics
10 - Engineering
2816 - Executive and Management
2792 - Fashion
11 - Financial Services
12 - FMCG
14 - Graduate Roles
15 - Health & Safety
16 - Hospitality & Catering
17 - HR & Personnel
13 - Insurance
2802 - Internet & New Media
18 - IT
19 - Legal
20 - Leisure & Sport
2794 - Logistics Distribution & Supply Chain
2808 - Manufacturing & Production
21 - Marketing
22 - Media
2796 - Medical & Nursing
2804 - Pharmaceuticals
2806 - Property & Housing
23 - Public Sector & Government
24 - Purchasing & Procurement
25 - Recruitment Consultancy
26 - Retail
27 - Sales
28 - Science & Research
29 - Social Care
2798 - Telecommunications
30 - Transport & Rail
2810 - Travel & Tourism
2812 - Utilities

GB - United Kingdom
AD - Andorra
AN - Angola
AR - Argentina
AU - Australia
AT - Austria
BB - Barbados
BE - Belgium
BR - Brazil
BG - Bulgaria
CA - Canada
GG - Channel Islands
CN - China
HR - Croatia
DM - Denmark
EG - Egypt
FO - Faroe Islands
FR - France
DE - Germany
GP - Guadeloupe
GU - Guam
HG - Hong Kong
IN - India
ID - Indonesia
IE - Ireland
IM - Isle of Man
IT - Italy
JP - Japan
JE - Jersey
LI - Liechtenstein
LU - Luxembourg
MK - Macedonia
MY - Malaysia
MA - Malta
MH - Marshall Islands
MQ - Martinique
YT - Mayotte
MX - Mexico
MD - Moldova
MC - Monaco
NL - Netherlands
NZ - New Zealand
MP - Northern Mariana Islands
NO - Norway
PK - Pakistan
PL - Poland
PT - Portugal
PR - Puerto Rico
QA - Qatar
SM - San Marino
SI - Singapore
ZA - South Africa
ES - Spain
LK - Sri Lanka
PM - St. Pierre and Miquelon
CH - Switzerland
TH - Thailand
TR - Turkey
UE - United Arab Emirates
US - United States
VA - Vatican City (Holy See)
VI - Virgin Islands (U.S.)
ZZ - Rest of the World

Employment term:
1 – Contract
2 – Permanent
4 – Temporary

Salary currency:
USD - US Dollars
EU – Euro
GBP – British Pound

Working hours:
1 – Part-time
2 – Full-time

Salary payment interval (per):
annum – Annum
month – Month
week – Week
day – Day
hour - Hour
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