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If you have completed your integration with idibu's webservices and you wish to provide multiposting under your own branding, idibu provides you a set of configuration tool to do that.

Once the arrangements for this are done, we will provide you with a custom idibu login script. Once put on your server, your clients will able to login to idibu without leaving your page - your url will always be present in the browser's URL. You can also use this page as "system url" that will be calling any idibu functionality from your website - making any action, even the ones called from an email, appear as if were executed on your website.

To complete the customization, we'll also require few additional details:

  • System name - Name that appears on the main page and emails.
  • System email - Address, from which system emails are sent.
  • System logo - URL for the system logo - that will appear on your idibu accounts.
  • System URL - URL for system, for which search queries can be made.
  • System login URL - URL for system login site - case partner uses a different the the System URL.
  • System logout URL - URL that the user should be redirected after logout.
  • Support URL - URL to the support service (site or mailto).
  • Support Email - Email to the your support team - typical whitelabel arrangement includes partner taking on the 1st level of support .
  • Support phone - Phone number to your support team.
  • Renewal email - Email for account renewal (sales).
  • Renewal phone - Phone number for account renewal (sales).
  • Email header - Header for all the system emails (html).
  • Email footer - Footer for all the system emails (html).

With those we will be able to generate emails such as this:

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