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idibu v3 API

iFrame integration

Full documentation for how to embed the latest idibu services inside your own system can be found here.

Webhooks (Work in progress)

This documentation shows you how to use our webhooks to build great integrations. They can be found here.


##RESTful API Useful if you build your own service with your own interface. You can use RESTful calls to receive and manage data on behalf of the user who gave you access permission.


For any support on embedding idibu v3 into your CRM or working with the idibu v3 API's please use the issues area of this repository.

Also, please note that these applets are designed for the newest idibu platform (often refered as "idibu V3"). In selected cases, they can be supplemented by idibu classic version's (also known as idibu V3) webservices which are documented here.

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