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iTunes Connect App that you actually want

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Try it

Download Exponent iOS App, and enter on the app.


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iTunes Connect from App Store

Official iTunes Connect App is lack of many features, e.g. edit app details and binaries, submit app and see rejected infos.

But how about iTunes Connect website on mobile? Hard to use, and sometimes we can't even use it. For example, there is no way to see issues of Resolution Center on it.

iTunes Connect on mobile

So, let us fix it.

This app leverages iTunes Connect API of Spaceship to get and update data for iTunes Connect. Although this app is also lack of features now, it is the beginning.

How to run

Download or git clone this repository, open iTunesConnect/ios/iTunesConnect.xcodeproj project in Xcode, hit Run to install it on your device.


  • Edit apps and versions details, set builds.
  • See screenshots and status histories.
  • Edit categories, ratings and prices.
  • Reject, submit and release apps.
  • Manage Testflight.

Technical info

This app is built by React Native.

For React Native developers, in order to make install app more easily for non-React-Native developers, the repository contains Objective-C codes of the Xcode project(not contains Javascript codes in node_modules). So, if you want to develop it, delete node_modules directory and run npm install.


Welcome to submit PRs and issues. Please star this repository to support me keep developing it.