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iOS Installation

If you used this module before, please remove RCTWebRTC.xcodeproject/libjingle_peerconnection and follow instructions below.

npm install react-native-webrtc --save

Step 1. Add Files Into Project

1-1.) in Xcode: Right click LibrariesAdd Files to [project]
1-2.) choose node_modules/react-native-webrtc/ios/RCTWebRTC.xcodeproj then Add
1-3.) also add node_modules/react-native-webrtc/ios/WebRTC.framework to project root or anywhere you want:

Picture 4

1-4.) you will ended up with structure like:

Picture 4

iOS Podfile

You can use the included podspec in your podfile to take care of all dependencies instead of manually adding files to the project (instead of steps 2 through 4, but you might still have to do Appendix A/B ).

Include in a Podfile in your react-native ios directory:

pod 'react-native-webrtc', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-webrtc'

Step 2. Add Library Search Path

2-1.) select Build Settings, find Search Paths
2-2.) edit BOTH Framework Search Paths and Library Search Paths
2-3.) add path on BOTH sections with: $(SRCROOT)/../node_modules/react-native-webrtc/ios with recursive

Picture 4

Step 3. Change General Setting and Embed Framework

3-1.) go to General tab
3-2.) change Deployment Target to 8.0
3-3.) add Embedded Binaries like below:

Picture 4

Step 4. Link/Include Necessary Libraries

4-1.) click Build Phases tab, open Link Binary With Libraries
4-2.) add libRCTWebRTC.a
4-3.) make sure WebRTC.framework linked
4-4.) add the following libraries:


4-5.) Under Build setting set Dead Code Stripping to No also under Build Options set Enable Bitcode to No as well

Picture 4

Step 5. Add Permissions

5-1.) navigate to <ProjectFolder>/ios/<ProjectName>/
5-2.) edit Info.plist and add the following lines

<string>Camera Permission</string>
<string>Microphone Permission</string>


if you encounter any build time errors, like "linking library not found",
try the cleaning steps below, and do it again carefully with every steps.

  1. remove npm module: rm -rf $YourProject/node_modules/react-native-webrtc
  2. clean npm cache: npm cache clean
  3. clear temporary build files ( depends on your env )
    • ANDROID: clear intermediate files in gradle buildDir
    • iOS: in xocde project, click Product -> clean
  4. npm install react-native-webrtc

Appendix B - Apple Store Submission

(ios only)

You should strip simulator (i386/x86_64) archs from WebRTC binary before submit to Apple Store.
We provide a handy script to do it easily. see below sections.

credit: The script is originally provided by @besarthoxhaj in #141, thanks!

Strip Simulator Archs Usage

The script and example are here:

  1. go to react-native-webrtc/tools folder
  2. extract all archs first: node ios_arch.js --extract
  3. re-package device related archs only: node ios_arch.js --device
  4. delete files generated from step 2
  5. you can check current arch use this command: file node_modules/react-native-webrtc/ios/WebRTC.framework/WebRTC