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A Lightning Fast C++ Autocomplete engine
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⚠️ Completionist is not finished, please check out the To-Do for details

Completionist Banner

Completionist - an Open Source C++ Autocomplete Engine


🤖 Self-building

Completionist adds terms on-the-fly, updating the phrase data in the background and periodically replacing the old phrase data.

⚡ Lightning Fast

Written in C++, the intensive tasks of sorting, searching and ranking results are kept low-level, resulting in completions in only a handful of μ-seconds

💾 Memory Efficient

By taking a memory-first approach to suggestions, Completionist removes infrequent suggestions when required to keep within memory limits.


  • Phrase map implementation ✔️
  • Segment tree implementation ✔️
  • Suggestions based on imported data ✔️
  • Updating phrase data & Rebuilding segment tree
  • Self-building from std::cin
  • JSON query and response in progress
  • Save and load segment tree & phrase map
  • Trim phrases to stay within memory limits
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