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A Homebridge plugin for Xiaomi/Roborock vacuum cleaners running Valetudo
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homebridge-valetudo-xiaomi-vacuum is a Homebridge plugin which you can use to control your Xiaomi Roborock vacuum that has Valetudo installed.


npm -g install homebridge-valetudo-xiaomi-vacuum


An entry in config.json is needed.


    "accessory": "ValetudoXiaomiVacuum",
    "name": "<Accessory name, e.g. Vacuum>",
    "ip": "<Vacuum's ip address>"

Optionally, you can enable switches for controlling speed modes of the device by adding the power-control dictionary with default-speed and high-speed keys (both mandatory in that case), where the speed preset may be one of: quiet, balanced, turbo, and max.

For a mopping-capable vacuum (i.e. Gen 2 - S50/S55), a mop mode button can be also enabled using the mop-enabled option that is a true/false value. You can skip that option altogether - false will be the default.


    "accessory": "ValetudoXiaomiVacuum",
    "name": "Mo",
    "ip": "192.00.486.259",
    "power-control": {
        "default-speed": "quiet",
        "high-speed": "turbo",
        "mop-enabled": true


Tested on Roborock S50 with firmware v001748 and Valetudo 0.3.1.

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