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Honyomi is pdf search engine written by Ruby. It have command line interface and web application. It will accelerate the ebook of your life.

You can search and browse the pdf document only in the browser.

Honyomi is "本読み". "Read a book" is meaning. Milkode are brothers.



You can use the Docker container. With Kitematic it is very easy! For more information and a look at the video above.


$ gem install honyomi

When you faild to install Rroonga, Please refer.

And need external tools.

  • pdftotext - For reading pdf (poppler, xpdf)

Install to server


Create a database

$ honyomi init
Create database to "/home/username/.honyomi/db/honyomi.db"

Specify database dir. (Commands as well as other)

$ HONYOMI_DATABASE_DIR=/path/to/dir honyomi init
Create database to "/path/to/dir/db/honyomi.db"

Add book

$ honyomi add /path/to/this_is_book.pdf
A 1 this_is_book (10 pages)

Add book's image

You can be inline display of the page on the browser.

Need pdftoppm command.

$ honyomi image 1
Generated images to '/Users/ongaeshi/.honyomi/image/1'

Edit book

Change title. Specify book id.

$ honyomi edit 1 -t "This is Book"
id:        1
title:     This is Book
path:      /path/to/this_is_book.pdf
pages:     10
timestamp: 2013-01-01 00:00:00

List books

$ honyomi list
1 This is Book (10 pages)
2 That is Book (20 pages)

Show detail. Specify book id.

$ honyomi list 1
id:        1
title:     This is Book
path:      /path/to/this_is_book.pdf
pages:     10
timestamp: 2013-01-01 00:00:00

Search command line

$ honyomi search bbb
1 matches
--- This is Book (5 page) ---
aaa <<bbb>> ccc

Web application

$ honyomi web


Basic authorization

  1. Get the SHA-2 Hash
$ ruby -r 'digest/sha2' -e 'puts Digest::SHA256.hexdigest("this_is_password")'
  1. It pass to the environment variable
$ HONYOMI_AUTH_USERNAME=ongaeshi HONYOMI_AUTH_PASSWORD=a6a27374ec8f49426e8ee6249125369e8c529f361ffa20ace73de0b92514bb0f honyomi web