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vimgolf.gemspec Client

Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke - do you? Head on over to, pick a challenge, and show us what you've got! The rules are simple:

  • Each challenge provides an input file, and an output file
  • Your goal is to modify the input file such that it matches the output
  • Once you install the vimgolf CLI, pick a challenge, open a prompt and put away!

When you launch a challenge from the command line, it will be downloaded from the site and a local Vim session will be launched, which will log every keystroke you make. Once you're done, simply :wq (write and quit) the session and we will score your input and upload it back to the site!

Let the games begin.

Setup & Play

1. $> gem install vimgolf
2. $> vimgolf setup (go to, sign in, and grab your API key)
3. Pick a challenge on
4. $> vimgolf put [challenge ID]

Todo's & Wishlist

  • At the moment, scoring is done based on the simplest possible model: bytesize of your Vim script file. Instead, we'd like to assign a score based on shortcuts and key-combinations used. Ex: visual mode gets you extra x points, etc.
  • Vim script parser - distinguish between different modes, keystrokes, etc.

Other patches, tips & ideas are welcome!


(MIT License) - Copyright (c) 2010 Ilya Grigorik

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