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Ongakken Game Studio

A student software start-up company currently developing games.

== We're Using GitHub Under Protest ==

This project is currently hosted on GitHub. This is not ideal; GitHub is a proprietary, trade-secret system that is not Free and Open Souce Software (FOSS). We are deeply concerned about using a proprietary system like GitHub to develop our FOSS project. We urge you to read about the Give up GitHub campaign from the Software Freedom Conservancy to understand some of the reasons why GitHub is not a good place to host FOSS projects.

We are currently attempting to move to Codeberg (based on Gitea). Link to our org's Codeberg profile

Any use of this project's code by GitHub Copilot, past or present, is done without our permission. We do not consent to GitHub's use of this project's code in Copilot.

Logo of the GiveUpGitHub campaign

Popular repositories

  1. NeuroWorld Public archive

    This was our very very first project. It's not even close to finished, but we had fun while working on it. Maybe we'll finish it one day.

    C++ 1

  2. TheAuroraProject Public archive

    A digital assistant project written in Python and now resurrected and rewritten to C++.

    C++ 1

  3. SMD_website Public archive

    HTML 1

  4. beatRush Public archive

    C++ 1

  5. The repo of the official Ongakken website.

    HTML 1

  6. An upcoming Steam game by Ongakken. Work in progress.

    C++ 1 1


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