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##Homework for NYU Javascript class

###Notes for 10-02 ####Arrays

  1. Unlike php Arrays in Javascript is elastic

  2. To remove elements from an array we use splice

  3. splice (element_index,number_of_elents_to_remove) var array1 = [“Sam”, “John”, “Bill”, “David”, “Jim”]; var stuff = [“Sam”, “John”, “Bill”, “David”, “Jim”, [1,2,3,4], “jack”];

     array1.splice(2, 1);						//removes “Bill”
     document.write(array1); 					//Sam,John,David,Jim
     stuff[5].splice(1, 2);						//removes 2 and 3 
     stuff.splice(5, 1);						//removes entire inner array

####Objects within objects

  1. [Object Name] [PropertyName]
  2. ['family'] ['mother'] ['sex']

###Notes for PART 2 : Logic and Program Control

####Sequential processing

####Conditional Processing -- if(...)

  1. The if() Statement

    if (comparison expression) statement to execute if true;

  2. JavaScript does not have "elseif" you have to write "else if"

  3. Single equal sign we know to look at the right-hand side

  4. The switch() Statement

     	var nope = ‘no’;	
     var response = prompt(“Please enter your response, Yes or No”, “”);
     switch (response) {
     	case ‘Yes’:								//if equal to ‘Yes’
     	case ‘yes’:								//or equal to ‘yes’
     		document.write(“Thank you for your order”);
     	case ‘No’:
     	case  nope:								//using a variable
     		document.write(“You have chosen to cancel the order ”);
     		document.write(“Invalid option, please choose Yes or No”);

*Allows you to have multiple conditions *Has to be exact (case-sensitive) *Key words switch,case,break *If you don't exit with break....It will print all items after... *A break will make it exit Very Important

####Iterative Processing-- while (...)

var i=1;

while (i<=6)
document.write("<h"+i+">Hello World<h"+i+"><br>");

*For loop works exactly like the while loop but the syntax is different

for  (count = 1;  count <= 100;  count++) 
document.write(“Loop number: ” + count + “ <br>”);

document.writeln(“Done counting!!!”);

*For loop (Nested Loop) Example1: A simple nested loop:

for (row = 1; row <= 12; row++)				//loop 12 times
			for (col = 1; col <= 30; col++)			//loop 30 times
				document.write(col + ",");			//print the col number
			document.write("<br> ");				//next line

Example2: Replacing a ‘for’ loop for a ‘while’ loop: for (row = 1; row <= 12; row++) //loop 12 times { var col = 1; while( col <= 30) //loop 30 times { document.write(col + ","); //print the col number col++; //add 1 to col number } document.write("
"); //next line }

Above text will help with the homework



A function is a block of code that is designed to perform a specific task. It is up to you to design and develop the code that is inside the function. To declare a function, use the following syntax:

>function  functionName  ( parameter1, parameter2, ….)
		JavaScript code to handle a particular task
  1. Functions do not get called automatically. They have to be called.

###Global Variable

  1. To localize a variable to you have to use var. If you do not use var, the variable is globalized.