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import csv
import json
import re
from collections import Counter
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from dateutil.parser import parse
from twython import Twython
def print_data(ma_ck, kl, gia, delta):
print ma_ck, "#", kl, "#", gia, "#", delta
# Oreilly
def is_video(td):
"""it's a video if it has exactly one pricelabel, and if
the stripped text inside that pricelabel starts with 'Video'"""
price_labels = td('span', 'pricelabel')
return (len(price_labels) == 1 and
def book_info(td):
"""given a BeautifulSoup <td> Tag representing a book,
extract the book's details and return a dict"""
title = td.find("div", "thumbheader").a.text
by_author = td.find('div', 'AuthorName').text
authors = [x.strip() for x in re.sub("^By ", "", by_author).split(",")]
isbn_link = td.find("div", "thumbheader").a.get("href")
isbn = re.match("/product/(.*)\.do", isbn_link).groups()[0]
date = td.find("span", "directorydate").text.strip()
return {
"title": title,
"authors": authors,
"isbn": isbn,
"date": date
def scrape(num_pages=10):
base_url = ""
books = []
for page_num in range(1, num_pages + 1):
print "souping page", page_num
url = base_url + str(page_num)
soup = BeautifulSoup(requests.get(url).text, 'lxml')
for td in soup('td', 'thumbtext'):
if not is_video(td):
return books
def get_year(book):
"""book["date"] looks like 'November 2014' so we need to
split on the space and then take the second piece"""
return int(book["date"].split()[1])
def plot_years(plt, books):
# 2014 is the last complete year of data (when I ran this)
year_counts = Counter(get_year(book) for book in books
if get_year(book) <= 2016)
years = sorted(year_counts)
book_counts = [year_counts[year] for year in years][x - 0.5 for x in years], book_counts)
plt.ylabel("# of data books")
plt.title("Data is Big!")
# Twitter
# fill these in if you want to use the code
CONSUMER_SECRET = "xRcmv8AMnSSMwq875HiP1SKFfGw51M97BvVH341yckPY3iilCu"
ACCESS_TOKEN = "47319754-NL1AIh9PBomIVsJe5HXB9vjE5y1rjwZFYUQx0odzo"
ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = "kcq7ER8UZSykDomPn9lYdh5DAafndvp73PzSfykTq0Kp7"
def call_twitter_search_api():
# search for tweets containing the phrase "data science"
for status in'"data science"')["statuses"]:
user = status["user"]["screen_name"].encode('utf-8')
text = status["text"].encode('utf-8')
print user, ":", text
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "# Data from:"
print "## TAB delimited stock prices"
with open('data/tab_delimited_stock_prices.tsv', 'rb') as f:
reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t')
for row in reader:
ma_ck = row[0]
kl = row[1]
gia = float(row[2])
delta = row[3]
print_data(ma_ck, kl, gia, delta)
print "## COLON delimited stock prices"
with open('data/colon_delimited_stock_prices.csv', 'rb') as f:
reader = csv.DictReader(f, delimiter=':')
for row in reader:
ma_ck = row["MA_CK"]
kl = row["KL"]
gia = float(row["GIA"])
delta = row["DELTA"]
print_data(ma_ck, kl, gia, delta)
print "## WRITING out comma_delimited_stock_prices.csv"
today_prices = {'VCF': 152.4, 'VAF': 13.3, 'ATA': 0.8}
with open('data/comma_delimited_stock_prices.csv', 'wb') as f:
writer = csv.writer(f, delimiter=',')
for stock, price in today_prices.items():
writer.writerow([stock, price])
print "## BeautifulSoup"
html = requests.get("").text
soup = BeautifulSoup(html, "lxml")
print soup
print "## PARSING json"
# parse the JSON to create a Python object
with open("data/colors.json") as json_data:
document = json.load(json_data)
print "Getting blue value:", document["blue"]
print "## GitHub API"
endpoint = ""
repos = json.loads(requests.get(endpoint).text)
dates = [parse(repo["created_at"]) for repo in repos]
month_counts = Counter(date.month for date in dates)
weekday_counts = Counter(date.weekday() for date in dates)
print "dates", [d.strftime("%d/%m/%y") for d in dates]
print "month_counts", month_counts
print "weekday_count", weekday_counts
last_5_repositories = sorted(repos,
key=lambda r: r["created_at"],
print "last five repos", [repo["name"]
for repo in last_5_repositories]
print "## Oreilly books"
books = scrape()
plot_years(plt, books)
print "## Twitter search"
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