Oracle ATG powered with a great RESTful Framework Jersey.
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Well, in my opinion native Oracle ATG RESTful API is really deprecated, complicated and strange. So, I created this module.

An Oracle ATG powered with a great RESTful Framework Jersey.

How does Oracle ATG RESTful module works? Easy and simple like this:

public class RequestService extends BaseRESTService {

	private HttpServletRequest request;

	private Profile profile;

	private Repository repository;

	@Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML, MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN })
	public Response getExample(@PathParam("name") String name) {
		String contextPath = request.getContextPath();
		String profileName = profile.getName();
		String repositoryName = repository.getRepositoryName();

		Map<String, Object> result = createResult();
		result.put("param", name);
		result.put("requestScope", contextPath);
		result.put("sessionScope", profileName);
		result.put("globalScope", repositoryName);

		return Response.ok(result).build();

Then, a simple GET on path /atg-restful/test URL, will return a JSON/XML/TXT with a param name value, a request, session ang global scoped component value.

How to use it?

On your MANIFEST.MF just require the module Texelz.RESTful like this:

ATG-Required: ... Texelz.RESTful ...

Then, on your web.xml file place this code:


Jersey works loading a package with @Path annotated, so, now you just need to configure the component /com/texelz/atgrestful/NucleusRestPackages like this:

  #you packages...


It was used some classes and ideas from Stormpath - todos-jersey example :).