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Sphinx based documentation for Terasology. Aim of this project is to bundle existing documentation and re-structure it in a more user-friendly way.

The page of this documentation is available


Something is missing in the docs? Feel free to fork and submit a PR or open an issue.

Workspace setup

Requires sphinx, sphinx-autobuild, javasphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme and to be installed (install via python pip).

Note If you are using python3, pip will install sphinx-autobuild version 0.1.2 which is incompatible with python3. In this case, you might need to download and run python install to install it.

Any editor for the .rst sources is fine, e.g. for Eclipse the ReST Editor.


Running the server for live-editing: sphinx-autobuild source build/html then open in your browser.

Build the page: sphinx-build -b html source build.

Page setup

All page settings are configured in

Mapping for the edit-on-github buttons:

edit_on_github_project = 'MovingBlocks/TerasologyDocs'
edit_on_github_branch = 'master/source'

Javadoc location:

javadoc_url_map = {
    'org.terasology' : ('', 'javadoc8')

For the setup inside the GitHub page, create the JavaDoc with ./gradlew engine:javadoc in the Terasology project, then copy the engine/build/docs/javadoc directory to the GitHub page.