My own arcade fight stick
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My own arcade fight stick

Firmware credits go to the UnoJoy Team

Because it is hosted on Google Code which has been deprecated, I am hosting their source code in my repo in fear that it will go down. I own none of their software. UnoJoy uses the GNU GPL v3 License.

To get my fight stick to work, I used the BasicFightStick Arduino code I wrote using the UnoJoy library. I then used the suggested method of flashing my Arduino Uno, sudo dfu-programmer atmega16u2 erase then sudo dfu-programmer atmega16u2 flash UnoJoy.hex to make it into a controller. The Hex file can be found somewhere in the zip file from their source code. I had an Arduino Uno R3. More info can be found here.

I got my buttons and joystick off of Amazon. Overall the project took roughly a day. It works well with my RetroPie and also works on Windows! Feel free to contact me about my process.