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Dockerfile and some scripts to create a container, compile/install jormungandr, and run one or multiple node(s).


FYI This is alpha code (jormungandr) and NOT ready for an actual public testnet.
Please don't consider this as any official announcement/post.
I'm just some keyboard cowboy community member who got bored one night.


How to build

The build process creates all the artifacts required to run the node. If you want to change parameters of the network; bft to praos, bft nodes from 1 to 3, you will need to re-build the container.

git clone
cd docker-jormungandr
docker build -t a-fun-name:0.1 .


The default build options are:

  • directory: /woo
  • mode: bft (supports bft or praos)
  • jormungandr branch: master
  • number of nodes: 1
  • number of pre-funded wallets: 1

These can be overridden during the docker build process:

docker build -t a-fun-name:0.2 \
  --build-arg PREFIX=/notwoo \
  --build-arg MODE=praos \
  --build-arg NODES=3 \
  --build-arg ACCTS=3 \
  --build-arg BRANCH=awesome-new-branch .

How to run

docker run --name woo a-fun-name:0.1

If you plan on connecting to the rpc/rest ports of your container, outside of your container, you will need to pass the appropriate -p PORT:PORT arguments to your docker run ... command

# expose the rest ports
EXPOSE 4431-4439
# export the node ports
EXPOSE 8291-8299


  • bft mode is limited to 9 nodes because I didn't want to test more
  • bft mode is configured to store data in memory, not on disk -- restarting the container erases blockchain history
  • praos mode is limited to 1 node because I have not tested running multiple nodes yet

To enable persistence in bft mode, edit config_node1.yaml

add a new line:

storage: "/woo/data"

(/woo is the default path if you have changed this via --build-arg PREFIX=/notwoo you will need to adjust the example)

What's going on under the hood?

A couple template files are pushed into the container to build configuration files:

  • config_node1.yaml: generic single node config
  • template_config_node.yaml: a template node config for any other nodes
  • template_secret.yaml: a template secrets file

A couple of scripts are pushed into the container:

  • -- wrapper script which executes one of the below based on MODE

This script does the following:

  • creates the requested ($NODES at build) number of node public and private keys
  • creates the node_secret.yaml using a template, adding the node's private key
  • creates the config_node.yaml using a template, updating the nodeID and tcp port
  • creates the requested ($ACCTS at build) number of accounts (pub/prv keys etc..) to be pre-funded in the genesis block
  • generates a genesis yaml config file template
    • removes default consensus_leader_ids pub keys from the config
    • adds the requested number of node pub keys to the consensus_leader_ids array
    • adds the the requested number of addresses to the initial_finds array
  • creates the genesis block

This script creates the node, account, certs, genesis, and block0 files by executing the helper script provided by the jormungandr repo -- bootstrap

This script is the ENTRYPOINT for the container. It runs a for loop, starting each of the requested nodes in the background, sending logs to stdout.

Lovelave Community Pool

Help support the Lovelace Community Pool - a no fee staking pool run by and for the community

If this was useful and you can/want to support us, our ADA donation address is: Ae2tdPwUPEYw3rz8KGHbnTusd9QWQ8ePhogEWkm1agugTtW51skA59DrKe8

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