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This is an Iceberg repo for Pharo 6.1 containing demo examples for the Software Modeling and Analysis course:

This repo resides on github:

This repo contains several packages of demo code, plus a class SMA with several class-side methods that each generates a Playground with code snippets.

Smalltalk: A Reflective Language and System

In this lecture we introduce Pharo Smalltalk using a CallGraph example. The folder CallGraphDemo contains a series of fileouts containing 5 successive versions of code to parse a callgraph dump from Javassist, and to model the call graph as Smalltalk objects.

The completed project is in the package SMA-CallGraph.

To generate the Playground run:

SMA callGraph.

Understanding Classes and Metaclasses

This lecture illustrates the Smalltalk object model using an example of a Snakes and Ladders game. Load SMA_SNakesAndLadders and run SMA metaclassDemo to obtain the snippet Playground.

Reflection and Metaprogramming

This lecture illustrates reflective features of Smalltalk. The demos are in the package SMA-Reflection. Run SMA reflectionDemo to obtain the snippets.