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Simple browser extension to play music from
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Chromium (Chrome, Opera published) and FireFox Extension for playing awesome chiptune from

Just click button to play chiptune from

It plays mp3 version (not tracker) from mp3 mirror.

Used Chrome Extension Box for Chrome release building.

Install for your browser:

The idea of extension is simplicity. One button UI.
Click on the icon to start. Click again to stop.
Each time you click the icon, extension is shuffling playlist.
It is like a radio. You never know the next track.
At the moment, there are more than 6 days of non-stop playing 😱


  • Double click on extension icon for next track.
  • Hover over extension icon to see Total played statistics (when stopped). When playing you will see track title.

Firefox versions dev. notes

In the firefox folder located obsolete extension. Version implemented with webExtensions API is located under the firefox-webExtensions folder.

In fact, this firefox-webExtensions is slightly modified chromium version (only manifest.json is different). I plan to create new builder which will build Chrome, Opera and Firefox version from one source.

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