NTU (TOR Network Termination Unit)
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NTU LocalProxy:
  NTU (Network Termination Unit) forward the connection via TOR or SOCKS

 (C) 2013 by EPTO (A) & tramaci.org

  NTU can be used to:
  * Hide more the Tor hidden services (forwarding a connection to tor).
  * Connect the applications to Tor network without SOCKS support.
  * Connect your email client via tor and internet without SOCKS support.
  * Connect via TOR and another SOCKS proxy to prevent TOR detection.
  Example of use:
  Tor Hidden Service ----> NTU ----> Tor Hidden Service ----> Server.
  Email client ----> NTU ----> Tor ----> Hidden Service.
  Client (SOCKS Proxy=NTU) ---> NTU ---> TOR ---> SOCKS_Proxy
  Client --> NTU --> TOR -> NTU --> TOR --> SOCKS_Proxy
  PublicIP -> NTU -> TOR -> HiddenService

  NTU statement in ntu.conf

  NTU <local_address> <local_port> <remote_address> <remote_port>
  When the client open an new connection, NTU forward over TOR to
  the remote_address at remote_port.

  The remote_address can be:
  * Hidden service.
  * Internet address.
  * Other NTU.
  * a SOCKS 4 / 4A Proxy (Use SOCKS 4A proxy on client).
  * Another TOR server (Use SOCKS 4A proxy on client).

NTU is a part of TorDNSLocalProxy and OnionMail projects.

MAKE Targets:
  all		Build NTU
  ntu.jar	Build only the jar varsion.
  clean		Remove all builded files.
  install	Install NTU.
  deinstall	Uninsall NTU.