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@oniony oniony released this Nov 8, 2017 · 54 commits to master since this release

Note: this release changes how symbolic links are handled. See below.

  • TMSU now compiles for Mac O/S. (Thanks to
  • The VFS no longer lists files alongside the tag directories under tags.
    Instead there are results directories at each level, within which you can
    find the set of symbolic links to the tagged files.
  • Symbolic links are now followed by default. This means that if you tag a
    symbolic link, the target file is tagged instead. To instruct TMSU to not
    follow symbolic links (previous behaviour) use the new --no-dereference
    option on the relevant subcommands.
  • Added new setting symlinkFingerprintAlgorithm to allow the fingerprint
    algorithm for symbolic links to be configured separately to regular files.
  • By default duplicate files will now be reported when tagging. A new setting
    reportDuplicates can be used to turn this off.
  • Slashes are now permitted within tags and values, useful for recording URLs.
    In the virtual filesystem, similar looking Unicode characters are used in
    their place.
  • Added --where option to tag subcommand to allow tags to be applied to
    the set of files matching a query.
  • The VFS tags directory will now relist tags that have values so that
    multiple values can be specified, e.g. tags/color/=red/color/=blue.
  • It is now possible to list tags that use a particular value with the new
    --value option on the 'tags' subcommand.
  • Made it possible to upgrade the database schema between releases.
  • Added --count option to untagged.
  • Bug fixes.
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