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TMSU is an application that allows you to organise your files by associating them with tags. It provides a tool for managing these tags and a virtual file system to allow tag based access to your files.

Rather than forcing its own file browser or media player on you, TMSU provides a virtual file system that can be used with virtually any other application without modification.

TMSU's virtual file system does not store your files: it merely provides an alternative, tagged based view of your files stored elsewhere in the file system. That way you have the freedom to choose the most suitable file system for storage whilst still benefiting from tag based access. It also means that, should you later decide TMSU is not for you, you can walk away with minimal hassle.

If you are going to put time and effort into carefully cataloging your files then you want to know that this effort is not going to be tied up in some proprietary format. TMSU uses an underlying SQLite database which can be accessed directly using the SQLite tooling.


  • The Quick Tour gives you an overview of TMSU usage.


TMSU has built-in help: use the help command.

$ tmsu help

You can also get help on a particular subcommand:

$ tmsu help tags

See also:


Technical Details


TMSU is in active development. To see what is being worked on and how tasks have been prioritised see the TODO list.

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