A simple jQuery plugin to show a banner on your site helping to explain your use of cookies on your site. (uses implied consent)
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One Ltd Cookie Banner plugin

This plugin can be used to display a message on your website helping to explain your cookie policy. It works with implied consent from the user and sets a cookie to not display the message again. The message can be dismissed using the continue button which will slide away the banner.

The plugin writes a 2 year cookie with the key oneltd-cookie-controller to prevent the message from appearing multiple times.

Uses jQuery.cookie.js plugin (included): https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie


bgColor: #333
textColor: #fff
location: top
cookiePage: /cookies
longMessage: false


Simply include the script in your webpage and call the following line:


Cookie page

There is also an example of content for your privacy/cookies page, you can use the Cookie Cat plugin for Wordpress to display a table of the cookies being used on your site.