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OnixJS - Documentation

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Disclaimer: This framework is in active development and won't be ready for production until we reach release candidate.

  • Alpha release date: Feb 2018
  • Estimated date for beta release: May 15 2018
  • Estimated date for release candidate: EO2Q/2018


$ npm install --save @onixjs/core

HINT: Only use this command when you want to update the core version within your project. Not recommended to start a project from scratch.

OnixJS Starter

Wiring the framework might be unnecessarily difficult, in that spirit we have created some tools that will help you to easily start and build up a project.

The following starter provides you with the configurations to start coding right away.

Download: OnixJS Starter

After you clone the starter, you will simply be required to install the dependencies.

$ cd starter
$ npm install

Then you can start the server using:

$ npm start

You should be able to see something like:

Loading Onix Server Version:  1.0.0-alpha.23
Example Component is Alive
ONIXJS HOST LOADED: Listening on port 9000

Visual Studio Code Plugin

After your starter project is up and running, you are now able to create your own applications. Please consider using the visual studio code plugin that provides you with snippets to easily create your

Install the onixjs-snippets plugin from your VCode or the Marketplace


Alternatively, you might want to run any of our provided examples currently implementing the following frameworks:





HINT: You might want to have some fun by running more than 1 front-end framework at the same time and see real-time communication betweeen those frameworks. (Magic!!!)

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