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Pogo: Simple Elixir release controller

Pogo provides your Elixir project with a module and companion shell script that you can use to start and stop (and a few other commands) an Elixir application packaged as an Erlang release.

Including it in your release

The best way to use Pogo is in conjunction with Relex. All you need to do is include Pogo in your deps and create a release like this in your Mix project:

defmodule Release do
  use Relex.Release
  use Pogo.Release

  def applications do
  	[:pogo, Mix.project[:app]]

Note Don't forget to add :pogo to the list of applications in your release.

Starting your release

Once you've got that in-place, just run mix relex.assemble. Pogo will dump an executable to /path/to/release/bin/<> that you can use to start your release. If you've got a .erlang.cookie file in your path, running /path/to/release/bin/<> start will boot your app. Any arguments passed to the script will be fed to the erl executable.

Other commands

  • start: calls :init.start on your node
  • stop: calls :init.stop on your node
  • restart: calls :init.restart on our node
  • reboot: calls :init.reboot on your node. Notice: If heartbeat isn't enabled, running this command will result in your node stopping, but not arestarting
  • console: loads up your node in iex. When iex quits, your node does too
  • attach: iex --remsh onto your node. Quiting this does not affect your node
  • status: checks if your node is reachable and responding to pings (probably should check if your app is running via :application.which_applications, too)