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This is simdock, an eye-candy deskbar for Linux.

simdock example


  • Starters in the dock keep track of launched applications, enabling minimizing, raising and cycling through its windows
  • Transparent background with or without without compositing, and in both modes the dock automatically updates when the desktop background changes
  • Fluid animations – icons get bigger when hovered and shortly transparent when clicked
  • Configurable size and icon placement


Currently, simdock has to be compiled manually. The main dependencies are wxWidgets and GTK3.

  1. Install dependencies.

    Under Void Linux:

     sudo xbps-install pkg-config wxWidgets-gtk3-devel librsvg-devel xcb-ewmh libwnck-devel make gcc
  2. Type make to compile

  3. Type sudo make install to install


Start with simdock